D-Luxe Burger Review

The best burgers in Walt Disney World? That’s what Chaz and I were told before we tried D-Luxe Burger, so the bar was set pretty high for this review before we even stepped foot in Disney Springs. But does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out!

First lets talk about location. D-Luxe Burger is located in the Town Center area of Disney Springs and unfortunately this is the reason why I’ve put off trying it for so long. I have the absolute worst love/hate relationship with Disney Springs. I do love Disney Springs, or rather I would… if I lived in Orlando.

I do love the new set-up and theme and some parts of this area (as seen above) are truly beautiful. Moreover there are plenty of dining experiences that really are worth the trip over if you otherwise aren’t interested in shopping or the other entertainment (case in point– The BOATHOUSE).

On the whole however, it isn’t always easy for me to justify spending time in Disney Springs instead of being at the parks. And if I do plan on going over to Disney Springs just for dining, I would probably be more likely to do so for a restaurant that is more of a “dining experience” like The BOATHOUSE or Morimoto. I don’t mean this to take away from any of what I’m about to say about D-Luxe Burger, it’s just that the location puts it at a slight disadvantage to me.

If this location were in the Magic Kingdom, I’d get a burger there once per trip. But going to Disney Springs for the purpose of getting a burger just seems like more effort than it’s worth… unless I were local to Disney Springs and the parks and not running on limited vacation time, in which case I would absolutely hop over just for a quick burger.

When you arrive at D-Luxe Burger, you have the now-standard two line system where one side is for mobile orders and one is not. We did use the mobile ordering service a lot on our last trip, but we really don’t like to use it when it’s our first time trying something new so we skipped it for this one. We did wait in line for some time though, and while it seemed like it was because the guests ahead of us were entirely clueless about what they were ordering I would probably mobile order here in the future just to be safe and save some time.

A few years ago when Disney first announced that D-Luxe Burger would be part of the Disney Springs expansion, its decor was described as “Florida ranch.” I’m not entirely sure what that would look like, but I would describe the interior as a sort of rustic and cozy with some modern vibes thrown in there. It definitely seems like someone who is very on-trend helped design it with the fireplace details and exposed light fixtures and piping along with the rustic and natural details that seem to be all the rage today. Whatever the case, it totally works and the little things like USB chargers nearby the tables were a nice touch. (Seriously though, our portable phone charger just died and we were able to charge while we ate!)

There is also both indoor and outdoor seating, and while the indoor seating is more rustic as I’ve already mentioned, the outdoor seating overlooks the springs. It’s a beautiful view and if you’re not visiting in August (like we were during this review) it would be a great place to sit and have lunch.

As we quickly realized while waiting in line, the best “deal” for us on the menu was to order one of the duos. This menu feature is something that we really loved about D-Luxe Burger because it really gave us a great value for this meal. There are a couple of different options for the duos that include different variations of specialty burgers and shakes (which are made with gelato and I hear are delicious!) but we wanted to stick with the basics for a first review– so we went with the classic duo. This duo comes with two classic cheeseburgers, one order of fries, and two fountain beverages for $24.99. We received an annual passholder discount on top of that, bringing our total cost down to about $21 for two people or about $10.50/person, which we saw as a really great value.

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Now for the eats… Best burger in Disney? Well yes actually. D-Luxe Burger was the best burger I’ve ever had in Disney, and the fact that we both ordered the classic burgers (standard, lettuce tomato, onion, pickle), and it was so delicious really makes me want to go back and order one of the specialty burgers. As soon as we each took a bite we knew we were in for the best burger we’ve had at Walt Disney World, but after a few more bites I began to think… what other burgers have we really had here that we’re comparing it to? I don’t think I’ve ever had a table service burger in Disney, and while D-Luxe Burger is technically a quick service restaurant it’s miles beyond Cosmic Rays or the Electric Umbrella.

So is it really the best burger in Disney? Yes. I stand by this because in my opinion, with so many other options around the parks if you’re ordering a burger at a table service restaurant you’re just doing it wrong. D-Luxe Burger gets it so right that I can’t imagine paying double or triple the price to have anything less than this. The buns were perfectly toasted, the meat just juicy enough and cooked exactly how we ordered it, the veggies and toppings extremely fresh, and the fries were perfectly seasoned and a nice in-between of shoe string and steak fries. On top of this, D-Luxe Burger boasts free refills on fountain beverages which is rare among Disney quick service restaurants, and there are a variety of different sauces to choose from if you’re looking to dip your burger or fries.

I wish we would have been able to try the milkshakes, as they come in the traditional flavors and in some more interesting variations like smores (and even adult variations with alcohol blended in the shake) but I’m happy we didn’t opt for the shake duo because we were stuffed after finishing the burger and fries. Which brings me to my next rave about the value here. However you choose to order, one burger and one whole order of fries is going to be a lot for most adults here. We had only had a light snack for breakfast and did not eat here until about 3:00, so we were pretty hungry and we were stuffed after a burger and sharing one order of fries. I would never have been able to add a full order of fries or a milkshake in there. So if you don’t mind sharing meals or are looking to save some extra money, this is definitely a place where sharing would usually work.

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All in all, we really enjoyed D-Luxe Burger, and would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a burger fix in Disney Springs. As amazing as our experience here was, I can’t justify going to and from Disney Springs for a quick service burger in the same way I would for some of the signature or at least full table service experiences offered here. However, if you plan on spending time in Disney Springs and are looking for something quick, this is my recommendation no questions asked. Forget about Blaze Pizza and Earl of Sandwich, D-Luxe Burger is the place to be.

Have you tried D-Luxe Burger? Let me know what you think in the comments? P.S. especially let me know if you’ve tried the milkshakes, they looked delicious but my stomach just couldn’t handle all of that in one visit!

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