5 Reasons to Have Your Next Date Night at The Boathouse

Planning a Disney date night? Look no further than The Boathouse at Disney Springs. This waterfront shopping, dining, and entertainment area offers a relaxing getaway from the theme parks and plenty of ways to spend a romantic evening with that special someone. For a date night that’s both classic and memorable plan to experience Disney Springs with a view and a meal from one of the most interesting restaurants at the Walt Disney World Resort:

1. Upscale dining for any budget

The Boathouse fish tacos

Planning an inexpensive date night (that includes a meal) can be tricky at the Walt Disney World Resort. Many of the restaurants that can feel like solid picks for a date night end up being far over budget, and the more reasonably priced ones may not live up to the expectations you have for a romantic night out. The Boathouse is a solid choice because the menu can suit a variety of budgets.

Sure you can splurge if you so choose to, but you can also choose from a variety of entrees that fall under a $30 price point. And these dishes aren’t just limited to burgers and salads either. The menu includes items like Pacific White Shrimp served with fries for $21, Grilled Ponce Inlet Amberjack Fish Tacos for $22, and Vegetables & Pappardelle Pasta for $19 just to name a few.

2. Beautiful waterfront setting

The Boathouse

The Boathouse is the perfect spot to settle down for dinner with a view. Tables with water views are available both indoors and outdoors at The Boathouse, and an even closer look at the view can be found at the outdoor Dockside Bar. The Dockside Bar and patio offer not only stunning views of the waterfront but also of the restaurant’s collection of unique vintage boats.

Whether you’re planning a day-date and spending time by the water for lunch, or you plan on hanging out at the Dockside Bar waiting for the sunset, the water views from The Boathouse cannot be beat.

3. Explore Disney Springs by land and sea!

The Boathouse amphicar

One experience that really sets The Boathouse apart from other restaurants along Disney Springs is the Amphicar tour. You can see Disney Springs from the water on one of the water taxis that runs between select Disney resorts, but the experience of riding in an authentic vintage Amphicar cannot be beat.

These floating pieces of history were originally manufactured in the 1960s, and have been used in films and TV series, and by a number of celebrities (including U.S. presidents like Lyndon B. Johnson who would jokingly tell his passengers that the car’s breaks weren’t working when the Amphicar moved towards the water. Only a handful of Amphicars still exist today, and a visit to The Boathouse is the only way to experience them firsthand without owning one for yourself.

4. Live music nightly

The Boathouse

Live music is performed daily at The Boathouse from 5:00 pm to close. For the ultimate date night, stop by for dinner or catch the sunset from the Dockside Bar with some live music. Taking in an evening of live music at The Boathouse can even be the perfect way to relax after a whole day of touring the theme parks or Disney Springs.

5. It’s sure to be memorable

The Boathouse Amphicar ride

Whether you plan on enjoying a quick lunch or a more luxurious dinner, any experience at The Boathouse is sure to be a memorable one. This location is one of the most unique restaurants in Disney Springs (and perhaps even in the Walt Disney World Resort), as other locations simply do not offer the same kind of dinner and entertainment experience. Without using a park ticket, a visit to The Boathouse can offer a similarly immersive and entertaining experience as the restaurants and attractions in the theme parks would.

Have you tried The Boathouse yet? We’re tasting our way around Disney Springs, and so far The Boathouse is one of our favorite spots! Let us know what you’d love to try at The Boathouse or at Disney Springs in the comments!

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