You’ve Got a Friend in Me: DisneyBounding as a Group

This past weekend I put together my first successful group DisneyBound and was so happy at how it turned out! My husband and I traveled to visit my best friend and her husband and I had so many ideas for fun outfits while we were there.

We talked about doing a whole group DisneyBound ahead of time and they were open to it so I jumped right into planning mode.

We created a DisneyBound that was great for beginners — my friend and her husband had both never done a DisneyBound before, and I was happy to introduce them to it. I was overjoyed that we were able to find all the pieces of clothing we used for these looks right in our collective closets!

I chose to draw inspiration from the Toy Story series since it’s centered a lot about friendship and I just felt like our individual closets reflected the characters styles really well.

I chose Jessie and Buzz for myself and my husband because I probably should have been a cowgirl and I thought my husband would make a great Buzz.

It took a lot for me to not make a new purchase for this DisneyBound. I have a ton of Jessie-related items on my Amazon wish list that I would probably never wear more than once and I’ve been trying more lately to simplify my DisneyBounds using only what I already have in my closet. Jeans were easy, as they are a staple in most people’s wardrobes. I had a flowy yellow shirt that I felt worked for Jessie’s collar color, with my white track jacket. I specifically loved this outfit because it was something I would wear day to day and I didn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable wearing it out. I added a braid and one of my red headbands as a nod to Jessie’s hair and all I needed were my boots!

I completely forgot that my husband had white shorts and when I found them after we finished our laundry I knew that they would have to be a part of this DisneyBound. I added his white T-shirt under a green and white plaid flannel, feeling really impressed I was able to find everything in our already existing closets. I also had bought him a Disney x Vans Toy Story hat with the aliens and Buzz on it a while back that topped the look off. I was feeling pretty confident in our outfits as we packed for our trip. Our next step was working out outfits for our friends.

My best friend loves polka dots so I knew she would have something to wear that would feel like Bo Peep and her husband has a good number of plaid button downs, so I could just picture him as Woody.

When my husband and I got to their house, my best friend showed me some of the new shirts they had just purchased, one of them being a yellow-orange and blue plaid that just worked perfectly. We paired it with jeans and a brown belt for a Woody look. They commented on how this was exactly what he would wear normally, further confirming my idea that he would make the perfect Woody.

I then asked her to show me all the polka dot shirts she had. We settled on a white with black polka dots and she borrowed my pink pants (fun tip: borrowing items from friends can help expand your closet without having to spend more money!). We added a turquoise necklace to that to tie all the colors together for Bo Peep.

I was really happy with the way the group DisneyBound came out and look forward to creating more in the future! The best thing about a group DisneyBound is that separate you may not recognize what we were going for, but together I felt like we complimented each other. We had an awesome time rocking these looks around Downtown Morgantown all day!

Have you ever put together or participated in a group DisneyBound before? Tell us about it and tag #castlepartylife to join the fun!

17 thoughts on “You’ve Got a Friend in Me: DisneyBounding as a Group

  1. Love the outfits and the effort you put in !! The group picture all the colors make it a perfect picture !!! Hope you guys had an amazing time.

  2. You all look amazing and love the positive vibes here. I have never participated in a group DisneyBound before but it sounds so interesting and fun.

  3. Awesome outfits and i haven’t participated in the group ‘DisneyBound group’ xp but you guys make a great group :))

  4. I really love those outfits. and this group pictures are so awesome. It seems that you really have a great time.

  5. So what is exactly a DisneyBound? Are you going there and these are your outfits? I live near Disney, we go all the time it’s so fun!

  6. Looks like something totally unique and awesome for adults to enjoy. I would be down for sure!!! and love the outfits and smiles!

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