“Red, White, and Disney” is Available Now!

My newest book, Red, White, and Disney: The Myths and Realities of American History at the Walt Disney World Resort is now available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle! I’m so excited to share what I’ve been working on with this book, and I hope you all love reading it!

Red, White, and Disney really wraps up my fascination with American history and theme park design (and in Disney’s case Imagineering decisions) all into one book. I’ve researched which elements of design in the parks at the Walt Disney World Resort are authentic to the themes in American history they’re based on, and which elements are far from it.

The book covers everything from which speeches in the American Adventure show are so authentic that they’re only a couple of lines off from their historical counterparts, while also showing which groups of Americans are largely excluded from the story of the American past in the parks, and which areas barely follow suit with their actual historical context. Working on this even allowed me to add in some fun pop culture history that you can find while touring the parks, which should make it a fun and easy read!

It is my hope that Red, White, and Disney not only adds to your understanding of how Disney parks were designed, but also that it inspires you to explore other areas around the country by visiting them yourself or by reading up on parts of American history you never knew you would be interested in.


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9 thoughts on ““Red, White, and Disney” is Available Now!

  1. This book sounds amazing! I am so fascinated both by the seemingly flawless overmanaging by the Imagineers as well as work that attempts to reclaim excluded narratives of American history. I am so glad someone’s written this.

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