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This post was last updated on July 31, 2021. For the latest information on the Disney College Program, see Disney’s official site or read about the recent Disney College Program hourly wage increase on Disney Tips.

Wondering what the Disney College Program is all about? Ever see a Disney cast member with a college or university listed on their nametags but you’re not sure why? Check out these frequently asked questions about the Disney College Program, and learn some tips for applying and enjoying your time in Florida.

Q: What is the Disney College Program?
A: The Disney College Program is a paid internship experience at the Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort* that combines three primary elements—living, learning, and earning. Participants live in company-sponsored housing, work in front-line roles around Disney property, and have the opportunity to pursue educational seminars, collegiate courses, networking events, workshops, and more. The program may be done during a semester in college, or following graduation. Participants may apply during their freshman year, but they may not spend their first semester of college on the program.

Disney College Program casting building

Q: Do CPs (College Program interns) receive credit for the program?
A: Whether or not CPs receive college credit for the Disney College Program depends on their individual schools. Some schools offer a full semester’s worth of classes simply for participating in the program, while others offer credit for one course assuming some amount of extra work is done, and others do not give credit at all. Discuss the program with an academic advisor or career services before committing to the program, and remember that if you cannot receive credit or take a semester off for the program, you can always participate the semester after graduation.

Pro-tip: Make sure you leave ample time to confirm with your college that you’ll be able to do the program. The first time I applied for the DCP, I went through the entire application process before learning that my school did not give credit and I would need to take a leave of absence (and thereby give up my scholarship). So after getting my hopes up, I was forced to put the DCP on hold until after graduation. Don’t let this happen to you, and confirm with your school that you’ll be able to do the program before you apply!

Q: How do I know if I’m eligible for the program?
A: You must be enrolled and taking classes at an accredited university with at least one semester under your belt (basically you cannot spend your first semester of college on the DCP).  You are eligible to apply up to 24 months after graduation, too (this info is current for 2021- If you are applying for a later program confirm this with Disney as the date was extended during COVID.) Currently, the DCP is available to students in the US and Puerto Rico. You must also be at least 18 years old, have US work authorization, and meet any requirements from your school (some schools have GPA or other requirements if you are doing the program for credit, and I strongly recommend checking what the program would do to your financial aid eligibility before you apply.) If you are an alum of the program you also need to wait four months from your last departure date to apply again.

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Q: How does the Disney College Program affect financial aid, student loans, and/or enrollment statuses?
A: The program’s impact on financial aid, loans, and college enrollment again depends on each individual college and situation. Some students may be able to take a semester off and continue with their regular financial aid plans, while others may lose scholarships if the program does not count for credit. Loans vary based on the type of loan, timeline in the payment process, and the loan provider, and enrollment status can vary based on how each college works with the program. Contact your loan provider or academic advisors at your college for information on how the program can affect these areas.

If you’ve already started paying your loans (and you have standard student loans, not private loans), you may be able to defer them or lower your payments during your program. While Disney’s pay rates (even for CPs) are slightly higher than other companies with similar jobs, the pay isn’t enough to make your loan provider think you’re making enough for a high monthly payment. Talk to your loan provider about using an income-based payment plan during your program if you can to help lower your payment.

Disney College Program

Q: Do you need to take classes during the program?
A: Classes are not a requirement for the Disney College Program, unless otherwise noted by your individual college while receiving credit for the program. Seminar style classes do not include homework and are only a couple of weeks long and may be taken just for experience or based on interest, while collegiate classes are offered for those who are looking for more regular coursework and to receive credit. Exam proctoring and distance learning opportunities may also be available.

I took a seminar class on Exploring Marketing and I loved it! Sure it took up a couple of hours on my days off, but it was totally worth it. Although I majored in history, I work in marketing now and this class was honestly what got me interested in this field. Even if you don’t need the classes for credit, I highly recommend checking out the seminar offerings to see if anything interests you.

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Q: Do you need to live in company sponsored housing?
A: No, living in company sponsored housing is not a requirement. CPs may opt to find their own housing, which may or may not be less expensive (depending on a number of factors like roommates, location, amenities, transportation costs, etc…) though many CPs choose to live in program housing as it can be easier than securing a short term lease on their own, and transportation to and from work is included in the rent. Additionally, housing events take place for CPs, and many participants worry that by living off site they may miss out on some of the experience.

There are lots of perks to staying outside of company housing, but if the Disney College Program is your first time away from home (or a dorm room), I recommend staying in housing. (Plus, Flamingo Crossings looks beautiful! Who wouldn’t want to live there…) Disney housing is all apartment-style, and it’s basically a step between a dorm and an actual real-world apartment. You have some independence (though room inspections and security can be frustrating), but you won’t have a meal plan or anything too “dorm-like.” The higher price point of Disney housing could be a turn-off, but so much of the renting process is taken care of for you and in most cases it makes doing the program much easier.

Disney College Program

Q: How many hours do CPs work?
A: CPs work a minimum of 30 hours a week, but during peak seasons with overtime may work upwards of 60 hours. Due to the nature of working in a resort that is open nearly 24/7 every day of the year, CPs must have full availability during their programs (with the occasional exception that classes will take place either on days off or hours before or after work). It is difficult to predict exactly what your hours can be like because they really vary by role, location, and time of year, but a minimum of 30 hours per week should be expected.

I averaged about 40 hours/week for both of my programs working in attractions and merchandise in Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. My friends who worked in Magic Kingdom, specifically in custodial averaged about 50 hours. It does really vary by role and location, but you usually have opportunities to pick up shifts or stay later if you want to, and you can always put in to ER (early release) during your shift and see if it gets approved. Disney also pays overtime when you work over eight hours in a day, so you can make some extra cash by picking up an extra shift or trying to extend a shift on a given day.

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Q: What is the application process like?
A: Typically, CPs fill out a basic application on the Disney Careers website. If they are selected to move on with the process, they will be asked to complete a web-based interview that is essentially a series of (timed) questions about their personalities and work habits. Applicants who pass the web-based interview will be asked to move on to schedule a phone interview, which will either lead to an acceptance or a “No Longer in Consideration” message. Not all applicants are asked to move on with the process upon submitting the application, and there is no definitive way to know whether or not one will be selected to move on. Note: Following the COVID-19 crisis, this process has been streamlined. While Disney has not made an official announcement yet, I’d expect the DCP to return to a similar process in the next year or so.

Disney College Program

Q: Are applicants randomly selected to move on to the web-based interview?
A: No, Disney College Program recruiters have repeatedly stated on the official Disney Internships and Programs Blog that invitations to move on to the web-based interview are not given out randomly. Each individual application determines whether or not you will be selected to move on, and Disney has never officially released information as to what pushes an application through to the web-based interview and what does not. If you are interested in applying for the program, fill out the application to the best of your ability and try not to compare your progress with the progress of others—everyone has a different experience while applying, and many applicants never share their experiences online. Comparing your application to others may only end up causing you unnecessary stress.

Q: What does “Under Review” mean?
A: This just means that your application is still being reviewed. Some applicants move to the “Under Review” category immediately after submitting an application and they can stay there for weeks, while others move right through the process. You can get “stuck” in “Under Review” at any point in the application process, and while it is frustrating to not have the answer you’re looking for it’s important to not give up. Unless you receive a “No Longer in Consideration” notification, you’re still in the running!

Q: How much does the program cost?
A: There are a series of fees that must be paid while accepting an offer to complete the program that range from about $415-435 for the Walt Disney World program. These fees cover the cost of housing events and rent payments for the first couple of weeks of the program.

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Q: How much does rent cost and how do you pay rent?
A: Rent is paid weekly and costs anywhere from about $175-235 per person depending on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, apartment complex, and number of roommates. Rent is deducted automatically from each paycheck, except for the first two weeks or so when rent is covered by the program fees.

Q: Can time-off requests be accommodated?
A: CPs may put in requests for time off from work, however requests are not guaranteed to be approved, and they depend on the availability of other cast members and business needs during the selected days. CPs may swap shifts to change their days off if they only need to switch one or two days in a week. You’ll be able to better understand how time-off requests work when you start working and can speak to your leaders at your work location and access Disney’s cast member websites to put in requests, but in short, yes, time-off requests can technically be accommodated but the process may vary by your location.

Disney College Program

Q: When living in program housing, where does the included transportation go?
A: Housing includes bus service to every CP work location, including the theme parks, resorts, waterparks, and Disney Springs, as well as Publix, the Post Office, Wal-Mart, and the Florida Mall. Bus schedules vary, and CPs may view a printed schedule or download a real-time mobile app, however it is suggested that they leave for work early to ensure that they arrive on time given that the buses can fall behind schedule and they make multiple stops.

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Q: When can I start going to the parks with my complimentary pass?
A: The short answer is after Traditions (the training every Cast Member must do before starting work). Traditions typically takes place a couple of days into your program, and you are usually given your Main Entrance pass shortly after (or told an alternative way to enter the parks with your ID.) This all varies by program, but it will be pretty close to when you start unless there are some intense capacity limits or Cast Members are blocked out.

Q: I have questions that were not addressed here—where can I find more information?
A: For more information about the Disney College Program, visit the official Disney College Program website or the official Disney Internships and Programs Blog. Personal blogs, vlogs, and Facebook groups may be helpful for seeking insight from other current and former CPs, but remember that these are not official sources of information and should be taken with a grain of salt. Always look for sources that are direct from Disney for the most up-to-date information about the Disney College Program. If you have questions about my experiences with the program you are welcome to leave a comment here or reach out to us on Facebook!

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

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68 thoughts on “Disney College Program FAQ

    1. You can stay longer than a year, but not as an intern. If it works out you’d be able to transfer into a different role though depending on what’s available you may have some downtime between the two.

    1. You do! 🙂 All training is paid. You do make less the first week or so because your training schedule will probably be less hours than full time work would be, but your rent is also already paid for then so it kind of evens out.

    1. You do! I believe I received mine in the mail, but there should also be information on it on the Hub once you’re on the program.

    1. Possibly! It depends on a number of factors. You’d need to have a good record as a CP (not a lot of points, basically not calling in a bunch, no reprimands, etc…) and then it’s all based on where you apply and what availability is like. Lots of people do stay on after the CP though. I’d recommend trying to save as much extra money as you can before/during your program, because you may be hired but have a gap in work. Your CP could end and you’ll need to find your own housing and your new job could start, say, a month later. So having the ability to make that work will definitely help you if that happens!

  1. Do you have to sign a housing lease for the the length of your program? Are you able to get out of the lease if something happens and you need to leave the program?

    1. CP housing is much less strict than a traditional lease. If you need to leave the program you would tell your work location and CP staff in the housing office and you’d be able to go, it wouldn’t be the same process as a lease in the real world. This may have changed, but during my program they actually wanted you out of housing pretty quickly after you self-termed (quit). If you told your leader at work you were self terming, they’d pretty much want you out of housing within your last day or two of work. (That may be more flexible now where the CP isn’t 100% back, during mine they probably needed the space in housing), but just a head’s up if you’re in that spot!

        1. Unless it has changed since my program, I do not believe you would pay the rest of your rent. Once you’re there rent comes out of your paycheck, so no more paycheck, no more rent. They do ask you to leave housing pretty quickly once you self term though, usually within a day or two, so rent would stop with your last check.

  2. Do i have to paid the fees of $415-435 to accepting an offer to complete the program for the Walt Disney World program. Even i will not live in their program housing? I already live in Florida.

    1. This may have changed since my program, so I would double check with a Disney recruiter to confirm– But during my program you paid the fees then opted out of housing and got reimbursed for some of it. I believe a portion of it was still taken so you could attend housing events but the bulk that would have covered rent in the beginning you’d get back.

  3. They don’t pay enough. $11 an hour is pathetic.
    Yes they take your rent. Yes which is okay. PLEASE Be prepared to pay your child’s car insurance, car pymt , gas , food & toiletries . They don’t give enough hours& don’t give your child a set schedule to get another job . you’re Stuck & So is your child.
    Your child will be starving & hopefully you have money to support your child . After rent is taken hopefully your child can live on $ 45-60per week If your Not going to pay for everything! Just have the ability to keep funding your child.

    1. I would recommend not paying for car related expenses where the bus system is included in rent. I did not have any assistance from my family on my programs, and while I did need to pay close attention to my budget, it was doable without adding car expenses into the mix. It definitely depends on the individual situation, I don’t think I could do it where I’m at now with the other expenses I have, but right after college taking out the car expenses and not paying student loans or having a lot of credit card bills yet…It was doable for me. I set extra money aside from working at home the summer before I left, but not a ton in all honesty, surely less than $1,000 and that plus some budgeting made it possible for me. If you have more bills it may be harder, but anything car related I would not pay for during a CP to save that money.

  4. You are given an arrival date, is that the first day you can move your stuff in to the Disney apartments/dorms or is it possible to have access a day or two before?

      1. Can you request to change your dcp role after you get assigned? I never have the chance to pick the priority of the roles that I like.

        1. Yes and no. When you apply for the DCP, they make it pretty clear that switching your role after you’re accepted isn’t possible, however there are some exceptions. And while there are some exceptions, I wouldn’t get your hopes up that it would happen for you, because it is honestly unlikely, it just does, on occasion happen. Some reasons why they might allow you to change your role would be allergies or a medical exemption, this kind of thing usually happens with roles like Custodial if you have a reaction to certain cleaning products, or quick service food and beverage if an allergy is an issue. Less likely to result in a role change, but still possible, would be if a certain role just isn’t a good fit, though from my experience this isn’t just you not liking/preferring that role, it seems like it really happens on a pretty selective, case by case basis. When I worked at Lights, Motors, Acton for instance, that location was considered high stress just the way certain positions needed to function during the show, and basically if you couldn’t handle it, it could have become a safety issue so for that reason people who didn’t pass their assessment in training were moved to another attraction at Hollywood Studios. Another example, I have a friend who was originally a Vacation Planner (I’m not sure if this role has returned to the CP yet, but the folks who work in the ticket booths outside of the park). He had trouble remembering/communicating all of the ticket options and was moved to quick service food/beverage as a result. If it’s not a specific circumstance like those, I think your best bet at switching a role is applying to extend your program and choosing something else.

    1. Just when you apply, or within six months of graduation if that hasn’t changed with COVID. I did my programs the fall semester after I graduated in the spring.

    1. It does not cover food. The bus system brings you to grocery stores though (I believe it is still Publix and Walmart but I’d double check that).

  5. So if I’m currently in college I see there’s a arrival date and a departure date does that mean after I depart I have to take over college payments again?

    1. It depends, every situation is different. Check with your loan provider and school to see how they would handle it.

  6. Great info, thanks so much! Daughter has been offered Spring 2022 and is trying to figure out if school stuff will impact the decision. Already knows that school doesn’t ‘accept’ DCP for credits/etc so would have to take leave but hoping they don’t be crappy about return (hoping they see it as wanting her $$ and will let her re-enroll/still get a scholarship, etc.)

    1. I hope it works out for her! I had to turn down my first acceptance because of a similar situation. No credit meant I would have taken a leave of absence, and the terms of my scholarship specified consecutive semesters. Of course, now all these years later, my college gives credit for the DCP!

  7. Hello! I was recently accepted, and at the time was able to work for the entirety of summer, but now something important has come up with my family. Is there any way to ask if you can make your program stay shorter? Im currently supposed to go for 6 months (early january to late june)

    1. You can go through the contact form on the official Disney College Program site (unless you have a recruiter’s contact info directly then I would use that, you may have something in your acceptance email) and ask them about it. When I did my program they were pretty strict on people not changing dates, so a lot of people I knew then in your situation would have done the program and self termed when they needed to, which isn’t ideal if you need credit for it or want it on your resume. They are a lot more flexible with start/end dates in general now though so it wouldn’t hurt to check with them!

  8. Are dogs allowed at the housing? And also what happens if I am married? Can they stay there too or do we need to find another housing?

    1. If you are married and have a dog, I would recommend staying outside of Disney housing. Only service animals are allowed in housing (I have heard of emotional support animals, too, but I think you might need to have a single apartment or have some kind of special circumstance. If you go that route I’d look further into it.) If you are married and both participating in the program, the only way to live together would be as roommates. If you are opposite genders, you could opt into gender neutral housing and you’d be able to be roommates that way– But there is no change for the fact that you’re married. You’d have two twin beds and could have other roommates in the apartment.

  9. I am currently enrolled in an institution, is that acceptable for the requirements or does it have to be a college or university status?

    1. It has to be a college or university (unless it was something for a different specific internship, like when the culinary program is offered, culinary school would work.)

  10. I got accepted in for fall 2022 so I am trying to figure out flights. My departure day is the 12th. Will I be working on the 12th or is that just a day where I can pack up and leave? Also are they pretty good at accepting days off?

    1. I can’t say for sure, but I’ve never heard of anyone working on their departure day. Accepting days off really depends on your location/staffing at the time so it’s hard to say, but I never had too many issues.

  11. dD you know of the policy of DCP members having a second job. In order to keep my position at my other place of employment I would have to transfer? Are there explicit rules on having a second job?

    1. You can have a second job, but you have to give Disney full availability. The only way having a second job is really doable with a Disney schedule is if you freelance or do something like uber or doordash where the schedule is entirely up to you.

  12. Hello I have been interested in applying to the program but I can’t offered to take a semester off of school and don’t know what my school schedule will look like is it possible to change shift hours or get accommodations for class time if my school isn’t partnered with the program?

    1. I would look into applying to go after you graduate, the DCP would not take your classes into consideration when making your work schedule.

    1. Maybe, it’s very case by case basis and I’d have no way of knowing. You can call casting at (407) 824-2222 and ask what your rehire status is. Even if you are a restricted rehire it doesn’t mean you have no chance necessarily, just that they might look at your application more closely.

    1. During my program (almost 10 years ago now…) you couldn’t have anyone outside of your housing complex stay over (though people would sneak them in, they could come over early to get in before the cut-off time then stay the night.) I’m not sure what that situaton is like now.

  13. I have a question! I thought I had 24 hours more than I did to choose a Dorm and time to leave and I waited till the last minute, so my offer was canceled. Is there anyway to get the offer back?

  14. How accommodating is the program with allergies? I’m super sensitive to some types of foods, even the smell can cause me an anaphylactic shock.

    1. They can place you in a certain role/location according to allergy needs (or move you if it becomes an issue.) There should be a medical accommodation form at some point during the onboarding process.

  15. Do they require the Covid Vaccine to participate in the college program. My daughter filed for an exemption, but was denied. She does not want to get vaccinated

    1. Last I heard there was no vaccination requirement, but they were rooming CPs based on vaccination status.

  16. It says I have to be in college or graduated from college! I went to esthetician school instead! Is there a chance that it could after I graduated I could participate in this program?

    1. It would need to be a college, you just need to be enrolled or have just graduated, though, so I know people who have just taken one class at a community college to be eligible. If you’ve already graduated though, you may be better off just going for part or full time.

    1. I’m not sure how they decide which timeslot you get to be totally honest! Only one of my roommates was in my Traditions class, and as far as I know none of my coworkers were.

  17. does the DCP pay off student loans or cover tuition at my original college? can I do my college online while working with Disney?

    1. It doesn’t pay off student loans or cover tuition, but you can still take classes online during the program. That being said, the program will want you to prioritize work (or at least the classes you’re taking through Disney) so they won’t create your work schedule or time off around regular classes from your school (and it can be a lot for some students to handle taking classes from their own colleges while on the program.)

  18. I have a quick question, you stated “Rent is deducted automatically from each paycheck, except for the first two weeks or so when rent is covered by the program fees.” Does this mean our child won’t have to come up with the first week or two of rent, because they paid the program fees? I just would hate for her to call the first week down, saying they are demanding rent too..

    1. That’s correct (unless it’s changed since I did my program). But in the past, rent for the first two weeks has been covered with the fees paid when you accept the offer to participate in the program. After that, rent is automatically deducted from paychecks.

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