5 Cool & Comfortable Fashion Must-Haves

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Apparently it’s been spring for a few weeks now but it sure doesn’t feel like it up here in New England! I’m not a fan of cold weather by any means, but one of the most frustrating things for me is when it’s freezing out in the morning, hot by the afternoon, and even colder once the sun goes down. This is pretty typical of spring and fall in New England, and as a result I’ve accumulated a lot of clothes that are easy to layer based on the changing weather.

The plus side of having these kinds of clothes kicking around though is that layered styles can really come in handy when you travel. In fact if you are traveling anywhere in New England, I highly recommend that you bring plenty of layers because the weather is not only unpredictable to some extent all year, but it also really does vary throughout the day. If you’re coming up here from Florida you’ll probably feel cold at night (even in the summer) so packing that extra layer can make a huge difference!

If you’re looking for ways to dress based on the changing weather, or if you just want to be stylish and comfortable, here are 5 items I always have in my closet (and in my suitcase) that just may do the trick:

Thin and soft t-shirts

My first rule of layering an outfit with comfortable pieces is to find tops that are really soft and comfortable to wear. Jersey tops or 100% cotton can make such a difference when you’re adding and removing extra pieces to the look throughout the day.

One of my go-to’s for a basic t-shirt that can easily be dressed up or down is this one from Target. It’s not quite 100% cotton, but the extremely reasonable price point makes it easy to buy as many colors as you may need (there are 12 to choose from!)

My most comfortable basic shirt however is from American Eagle. It’s obviously going to be more expensive than my $5 Target pick, but if comfort is the name of the game the American Eagle Soft & Sexy tees are a great way to go. (I’m wearing this shirt in the photo above– they’re just about out of this exact one but they have different cuts and colors of the Soft & Sexy style all over their site and the stores).


I wear jeggings ALL. THE. TIME. If you see me in skinny jeans, they’re probably actually jeggings. I’m obsessed with Torrid’s jeggings, (not the premium ones, weird I know–but the regular Torrid jeggings are my fave– I’m wearing them in the above photo). But I’d also recommend American Eagle or Vera Wang if you’re in the market for some comfortable yet nice looking jeggings.

Torrid’s sizes do start at a size 10, so if that isn’t going to work but you’re still looking for the same comfortable fit and dressed up appearance definitely check out American Eagle. American Eagle’s jeans in general with the exception of a few certain styles are typically pretty stretchy, so whatever jeans you go with from them are sure to be comfortable. And you can usually find deals on Vera Wang jeans and jeggings at Kohls!

Now if jeans just aren’t your thing altogether and you’re creating a comfortable, layered look, just go for leggings instead! Leggings are definitely the easiest way to create a layered outfit and they’re super comfy for traveling whether you’re running around a theme park or taking a nap on the plane. Unless I’m looking for something super specific, I almost always go to Old Navy for leggings. I hate to spend lots of money on such a basic piece, and Old Navy’s leggings do the job just fine for the price.

Accessories that are easy to mix and match

I’ve been making a serious effort to buy more solid colored clothing for the past couple of months, because I came to the realization that I have so many items with prints on them so it’s really hard to mix and match and make them work for different looks. This isn’t to say that I’m not buying prints altogether though, I’m just being pickier about which items and prints I buy, and I’m really taking into consideration how often I’ll actually end up wearing said items.

I’ve found that it’s much easier to have lots of solid colored clothes that can create different looks based on the accessories you wear with them. The scarf I’m wearing in these photos is perfect, because even though it has a print on it, it still goes with lots of different tops and other outfits, assuming those pieces are solid colored. I’ve worn this scarf over sweaters, t-shirts, and dresses, all of varying colors and it’s been easy to pull off with each one.

And accessories like hats and scarfs can also be helpful layering pieces. If it gets too warm you can always remove a scarf, and it’s just as easy to throw one on if you’re feeling too cold.

Comfortable shoes

When you get photobombed by the police..

I have no problems finding comfortable shoes to go with leggings or a more athleisure-style look, but shoes that are both kind of dressy and comfortable is a whole different story. Believe it or not, I usually have luck at Primark of all places. (I’m serious– the shoes I’m wearing in this post were in the clearance section at Primark for $2… TWO DOLLARS!)

I’ve had the shoes in this post for a few months, and given their extremely low price (and perhaps expected quality given that they’re from Primark) they’ve held up pretty well. They’re faux suede with ruffles and a small heel, and they really add just the right amount of dressy to otherwise casual outfits while still letting me feel comfortable in them.

For other affordable yet comfortable shoes, I’m always looking at Target and Forever 21, and for more of a splurge (or an everyday shoe that you can really wear regardless of the outfit) I’d keep an eye on Sperry.

Basic makeup

One of my biggest pet peeves is when you spend a lot of time doing your makeup only for it to either A) not show up well/at all in pictures or B) not last for the entire day. I may write a whole separate post on my general makeup trips for everyday wear and travel, but to keep it short I always make sure to use primer and keep some touch up items that you know you’ll end up needing in your purse.

For an everyday look I stick to the same couple of basic colors that really pop with my skin tone without looking too understated or like it’s too much. I can’t really tell you what will work for you here, but on average I probably spend about 20 minutes tops doing my makeup and that’s about the most I’d want to spend on it while traveling.

If you aren’t sure how to handle makeup while traveling, I’d spend some time playing around with different looks on your own. Use whatever products you love, and determine which looks are both comfortable to wear physically on your skin, and also comfortable in how easy it is to pack and travel with the makeup itself.

I follow these same guidelines when I’m traveling or when I’m home but the weather is all over the place. I’d love to hear what your go-to layering tips are or if you have any other recommendations for dressing comfortable and efficiently while traveling– let me know what you think in the comments!

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