What’s in My Disney Bag

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Whether you’re heading to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, going to the parks is an extremely exciting time. To make sure you have the best time at the parks, it’s super important to bring everything you’ll need for the day. I mean, there’s nothing worse than stepping into Magic Kingdom, then realizing you left your lip balm or snack at home.

No matter how many times I go to the parks, there’s always certain items I won’t leave my apartment without. So, I’m here to tell you what I bring to the parks.

To start, you’ll need to find the perfect bag to accompany your Disney adventures. I love bringing a backpack to the park. This way my hands are free to enjoy all the fun, and I don’t need to shuffle around a heavy tote on my shoulder all day.

If I’m bringing a lunch to the park, then you can catch be sporting this Mickey and Minnie floral print backpack from Jansport. It’s your standard size backpack, so it holds a lot! If I’m just going to the parks for the afternoon or a few hours, then I usually bring this black faux leather backpack from Target.

Whether I’m bringing a lunch to the park that day or not, there are always a few items I never head to Disney without: Lip balm / lipstick of the day, lotion, my wallet, and self-admission pass. Oh, and depending on the weather I’ll always have sunscreen and a rain jacket.

I’m not going to lie, the weather in Florida can be unpredictable at times, so you can never be too prepared. During the summer months, I’ve learned to always bring an umbrella or rain jacket even if rain isn’t in the forecast. I’ve found that using an umbrella in the parks can be a big hassle and it gets in the way, so I prefer using a rain jacket when the sky decides to shed a few tears. This Columbia rain jacket is perfect for Florida’s hot summer days. It’s extremely lightweight and keeps me rain-free!

In my bag, I’ll also bring hand sanitizer, a snack, and a mini brush—handy for touch ups between rides. I mean, we all have to get those perfect Instagram photos, right? After touching railings and safety bars on the rides all day, you definitely want to sanitize before grabbing some food. My santizer is the pink champagne scent from Bath and Body Works. These mini sizes are perfect for throwing into any bag!

When it comes to a snack, I pretty much always bring my own. It’s healthier and cheaper, a win-win! I usually pack almonds or a Lara bar.

Whether I’m at Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios, those are items you’ll always find in my park bag. I’d love to hear When what some of your park essentials are! Let me know in the comments below or use the hashtag #CastlePartyBlog on Twitter and Instagram to share.

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