Grand Floridian Cafe Breakfast Review

Spoiler alert: The Grand Floridian Cafe is my favorite breakfast spot at the Walt Disney World Resort. It’s not just the food, or the atmosphere, or the value, it’s the whole package. There are times where I’m looking for a buffet, or for characters, or for something more quick and casual, but on the whole the Grand Floridian Cafe really has everything I need in a good breakfast (or brunch).

Grand Floridian Cafe breakfast

I also love the Grand Floridian Cafe for dinner but it takes on a whole different feel for breakfast. Of course, the decor and theme of the restaurant is the same casual elegance with the Victorian charm you’d expect for being at the Grand Floridian, but it’s a lot less… hectic I guess is the right word for breakfast.

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Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against kids, especially at a destination like Walt Disney World where you go into it expecting there to be kids everywhere. But dinner at the Grand Floridian Cafe is full of families, and the whole setting is just a bit louder and more crowded. I still love dinner there, and as it’s to be expected in Disney it doesn’t detract from the overall experience, but breakfast is entirely different.

It’s probably because families with kids typically skip sit-down breakfasts as it’s easier and cheaper to eat on the go in the morning (or if they do have breakfast they go all out and have a character breakfast instead). For this reason, it’s much quieter and more relaxing during breakfast hours at the Grand Floridian Cafe.

It’s rarely ever full, and if it is it’s more of an adult and teenager crowd with the occasional families with kids thrown in here and there. Again, nothing against kids, but it’s sometimes nice to have a more quiet and relaxing breakfast spot just minutes away from the Magic Kingdom.

Grand Floridian Cafe breakfast
Image: Disney.

As for the menu, it’s worth noting that breakfast is served from 7:30 am to 11:00 am but with some of the menu items being things like shrimp cocktail or French onion soup it’s really more of a “brunch” menu… which I really love. While I do like to get up early even with a table service breakfast to get right to the parks, I do love going to the Grand Floridian Cafe around 10:00 and having more of a brunch experience, especially because there really aren’t too many restaurants around Walt Disney World that have brunch menus.

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The menu is also huge by Disney resort restaurant standards, featuring everything from traditional breakfast dishes to fresh salads, pasta, and more. The variety here makes the Grand Floridian Cafe a great option for picky eaters or larger parties because you can satisfy so many different cravings in one place.

Grand Floridian Cafe Breakfast

But what do I love about breakfast here? Like dinner, we’re going to start with the drinks because my favorite breakfast cocktail at Walt Disney World is at this restaurant. The Key West is aย “frozen blend of Purรฉed Strawberries and Orange Juice laced with Bacardi Rum,” and it’s delicious. It basically tastes like a boozy breakfast smoothie, and I order this in place of coffee most of the time during breakfast at the Grand Floridian Cafe.

Grand Floridian Cafe breakfast

Another breakfast drink I love to order here is the Florida Sunshine which is a mix of “Peach Schnapps, Chambord, Skyy Vodka, and a splash of Orange and Cranberry Juices.” It’s my drink of choice at the Grand Floridian Cafe when I’m not looking for something as heavy as the Key West since that one is frozen.

Grand Floridian Cafe breakfast

My friend Theresa and I went to Disney for her 21st birthday when we were in college, and during our breakfast at the Grand Floridian Cafe she got a Florida Sunshine with a candle in it! If you’re planning an adults only or 21st birthday trip like this, the Grand Floridian Cafe can also be a good place to brunch because they have a couple of more unique cocktail options in addition to the usual Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s.

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Theresa and I both agree that the French Toast here is amazing. It’s “Brioche French Toast with Madagascar Vanilla Bean-Butter with Bacon or Sausage.” I like a lot of flavor in French Toast, but I’m really a fan of anything that’s too sweet in the morning if that makes sense. (As much as I love Tonga Toast at Kona Cafe, I do kind of have to be in the mood for it– sometimes I just don’t want too much sugar first thing in the morning).

Grand Floridian Cafe breakfast

This French Toast is more vanilla-scented. It has hints of vanilla that give it a distinctive flavor, but it’s light, fluffy and not overly sweet. It’s really the perfect start to a day in the Magic Kingdom. For a change from my ‘usual’ of French Toast, I really enjoy the blueberry pancakes at the Grand Floridian Cafe along with the more classic breakfast entrees (like your standard, eggs, toast, bacon or sausage). If you do get one of the more standard egg dishes that comes with it, or you feel like ordering an extra side, the potato casserole is delicious. It’s just cheesy enough and cooked to perfection.

Grand Floridian Cafe breakfast

Other breakfast items more unique to the Grand Floridian Cafe include the Lobster Eggs Benedict, “Two-poached Eggs, Toasted English Muffin, Lobster, Hollandaise, and Marinated Tomato Salad,” and the Floridian Pancakes “Roasted Pecan, Sun-dried Cranberry, and House-made Orange Butter with Bacon or Sausage.” Some of the fan-favorite lunch/dinner options like the penne pasta or the Lobster Thermidor Burger are available during breakfast as well.

Grand Floridian Cafe breakfast
The Grand Floridian Cafe — Theresa & Brittany-approved since 2013.

Next time you’re looking for a relaxed table service breakfast, especially if you plan on spending the day at the Magic Kingdom since it’s the next stop on the monorail loop, I highly recommend the Grand Floridian Cafe. It really is one of my favorite breakfast spots when you’re not looking for something as intense as a character breakfast or as on-the-go as a quick service restaurant.

Have you visited the Grand Floridian Cafe for breakfast? Let me know what you think or give me a tip for what to order next!

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