Satisfy Your Inner Princess with a Belle DisneyBound

With Halloween just around the corner, DisneyBounding is a perfect way to subtly dress up if you’re not sure what to wear for a costume. Or, if you just want a little extra magic in your life, DisneyBounding is a fantastic way to show off your Disney style.

For this month, I chose to DisneyBound as Belle. When it comes to my favorite Disney Princesses, I’d say Belle is in my list of top three, so I definitely wanted to put together a look inspired by her.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Belle? I’m going to guess that most likely the color yellow does. I knew I had to include some yellow in the look, so I chose to wear these high-waisted yellow shorts from Zara. To add a feminine flair, I opted for a white lace crop top from TJ Maxx.

For accessories, I added some rose stud earrings. I mean, the rose is such a crucial part in the movie, how could I leave it out? I paired the look with my gold sandals. These sandals pretty much go with any outfit, so they’re always my go-to. You could wear a pair of flats, or canvas sneakers like Keds if you want a more comfortable shoe.

I’d love to see your Belle DisneyBound looks! Make sure to tag @CastlePartyBlog on Instagram or hashtag #CastlePartyLife in your photo!

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