8 Fruity Alcoholic Drinks for a Perfect Walt Disney World Vacation Day

Walt Disney World boasts a wide variety of alcoholic beverages for those who are old enough to partake. There’s a little something for every taste, from the incredibly strong to the light and lip smacking. For me personally, nothing says vacation like a fruity drink that doesn’t taste like it’s filled with alcohol. Thus, here are eight fruity, floofy drinks I think are perfect for a nice vacation treat.

These can be found throughout the Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts (except for Magic Kingdom, of course, since the magical land does not provide alcohol), and I’ve even included a bonus—my favorite non-alcoholic drink for those who aren’t quite old enough to participate! As always, if you are of age, please make smart choices when trying these beverages!

Citron Slush

If you live for a cold frozen lemonade on your Disney vacations, than you will love the Citron Slush from Les Vins de Chefs des France by the France Pavilion in the World Showcase at EPCOT. A twisted take on the classic slushy, this frozen treat combines tart lemonade flavor with Grey Goose Citron and vodka. This is one of those dangerous drinks that doesn’t taste like alcohol so you sort of forget it’s there (I seriously downed one of these in less than five minutes because I forgot what it was made of). This drink can be purchased for $9.86 and comes in a cute little plastic martini glass (which I love because most are served in boring plastic cups).

Dole Whip with Rum

Image: Disney.

A twist on everyone’s favorite pineapple dessert can be found at Tamu Tamu Refreshments in Disney’s Animal Kingdom for $7.00. The Dole Whip with Rum is a great refresher during a hot afternoon of walking around DAK, and it’s a good portion size as well. You can mix your pineapple Dole Whip with either Dark or Coconut Rum. I prefer it with Coconut since it makes the treat taste like a classic Pina Colada, but if you prefer something a little stronger, the Dark Rum is the way to go!

Pina CoLava

Image: Disney.

One of my all-time favorite drinks at Walt Disney World, the Pina CoLava is a fun twist on your traditional pineapple and coconut-flavored drink. The frozen mixture combines those tastes with the tartness of raspberry rum and puree to make a treat that tastes extra delicious when lounging by the pool on a hot Florida day. Most recently, I enjoyed this concoction at On the Rocks Pool Bar at Disney’s Saratoga Springs for $10.00, but it is part of the standard resort bar menu so you should be able to find it at most if not all Disney resorts.

Mowie Wowie

If you’re in the market for a fruity alcoholic drink that is not frozen (as I realize most of these are), the Mowie Wowie is definitely one to consider. Think tropical—coconut, melon, peach, orange, and pineapple flavors combine into an incredibly sweet drink that will make you say wow(ie)! My boyfriend Nathan tried this one on our most recent visit to 50’s Prime Time Café (where it can be purchased for $12.25) at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and after a few sips from his glass, we both agree we absolutely loved it!

Canto Loopy

When one thinks of common fruit-flavored drinks, cantaloupe isn’t usually one of the first to come to mind. Well, those brilliant people at Disney realized just how delicious a cantaloupe-flavored drink could be, and thus, the Canto Loopy was created. Made simply out of vodka and cantaloupe juice, it is tangy and refreshing and not your typical mixed drink. The Canto Loopy can be found at Joy of Tea outside of the China Pavilion in World Showcase at EPCOT for $8.95.

Typhoon Tilly

I first discovered the Typhoon Tilly on my first CP. It was shortly after I had turned 21, so I had no clue what drinks I liked. I took a trip to Typhoon Lagoon and when I got to the bar, asked what the bartender recommended. He gave me one of these, and I fell in love with it. It’s made with rum, Midori Liqueur, banana and Pina Colada flavoring and Blue Curacao, which seems like a strange assortment of tastes but blends together beautifully in this frozen cocktail. I limit myself to one but I could probably drink three of these on a hot day at the waterpark. This drink is available at Let’s Go Slurpin.’

Mo’ara Margarita

Found at Pongu Pongu on the planet of Pandora, the Mo’ara Margarita is the latest concoction to be causing a stir. With the sweet-tart combination of strawberry and blood orange, this drink is a nice way to reward yourself after waiting in the Flights of Passage line for most of the day. It is even topped with strawberry boba balls, which makes it a win in my book (if you have never enjoyed boba before, they’re little spheres of fruity goodness that burst juice into your mouth when you bite into them)! The Mo’ara Margarita can be purchased for $9.25—just prepare to wait in yet another line to snag one!


($7.75, Sommerfest) Perhaps the closest thing you will find to beer on this list, Schofferhofer is my personal favorite drink to get in World Showcase. It has slowly started becoming more popular and well-known around the US, and for good reason. If you prefer fruity flavors over the taste of beer, this will be the perfect compromise for you. Despite calling itself a beer, it mostly just tastes like an amped-up citrus-y juice (don’t fret if you don’t like grapefruit juice; I can’t stand it but I love this drink!). I first tried Schofferhofer on tap at the Germany Pavilion in World Showcase at EPCOT for $9.25 but I have also seen it in cans on other menus around the parks and resorts.

Melon Frosty

For those who aren’t quite old enough to enjoy the beverages on this list (your time will come, I promise!), here’s a little bonus for you. At EPCOT there’s a little store in Future World known as Club Cool, where you can taste sodas from around the world—for free! There are several that are quite delicious, but my personal favorite is the Fanta Melon Frosty. It’s sugary-sweet with just a little bit of tanginess, and since it’s free you can drink as much as your heart desires!

Didn’t see your favorite beverage on the list? Tell me about it in the comments—I am always looking for new cocktails to try!

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