Things to Do Before Traditions on Your Disney College Program

It’s been a while (CP life is crazy busy) but I am so glad to return to the blog! Thanks to everyone who has been following my adventures on Instagram and YouTube. I thought this post would be super helpful, since the week between check-in and traditions you do not have park access, and many people often wonder what to do with themselves. I have an annual pass but I did not use it once that week, because we found many other fun things to do! The first week take the time to spend with your roommates, because trust me when I say after that week, everyone’s work schedules clash and it is hard to get everyone together. Here are some ideas for a fun week and some documented photos!

  1.     RESORT HOP

DCP Traditions resorts

Resort hopping is probably one of the most fun options! Pretty much everyone has this same idea this week, but we talked to most people who ended up just sitting in their apartment. If you know me, my number one advice is to not waste time. The resorts can be super relaxing. We recommend exploring the Wilderness Lodge as we found some good places to relax by the water. We also recommend checking out the different restaurant options at each resort because they can all be pretty different and exciting. Also look at what each resort has to offer because some have fun events you can go too, like the Chip and Dale bonfire at the Fort Wilderness Campground.

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dcp traditions

The Grand Floridian is the most beautiful, luxurious, and well-known resort on property. We spent hours just exploring this resort, taking photos, and scouting out good places to eat. Each afternoon they also have Cinderella and Prince Charming waltz around the lobby and make a grand entrance, which is super cute and exciting!

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We got the opportunity to check out Franck’s Bridal Studio, which was super cool. If there is not a wedding going on, you can go in and see the pavilion, which when we were there, there was one in session, so we need to go back and see the actual pavilion. BUT, since there was a wedding, we got to see the coach which was a dream!


dcp traditions

This one is pretty self explanatory, but Disney Springs is a great place to explore! Definitely check out the shopping, we get some pretty decent discounts at the stores that are not Disney owned! 20% off at Sephora has been my life and I truly am blessed. The Boardwalk Resort is one of my favorites on property, I could sit there for hours and stare at the water, as well as it is home to my favorite ice cream parlor on property, Ample Hills. 10/10 would recommend.

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dcp traditions

If you know me, you know I am a huge Disney food advocate, so I took this week to explore a lot of the different dining options I had not tried before. Most notable would be the Flynn Breakfast (A.K.A. Bon Voyage Breakfast) at Trattoria al Forno at The Boardwalk. I’m sure you have heard about this breakfast with Flynn, Rapunzel, Ariel, and Eric, but it is basically just known as the Flynn Breakfast by teenage girls because it is the one place on Walt Disney World property you can meet Flynn Rider. Needless to say it was a dream come true, he sat down in our extra seat and gossiped with us for 5 minutes and we were star struck. All six of us had the chance to go to ‘Ohana at the Polynesian Resort for dinner. I had been for breakfast before, and although dinner is not character dining, the food is to die for.


Central Florida has so much to offer, not only theme park wise but also restaurant and entertainment wise (I am a foodie so I love exploring restaurants). As many times a year as I have come down here growing up, I have never been to Universal. The day we went that week, me and 3 of my other roommates purchased an annual pass. We got the cheapest one, two park with July and December blocked out, and it was just over $250. If you go three times (which I already have), it pays off! There are many other levels you can get, but since I am new to Universal this option fit us well. I have only seen all of the Harry Potter movies once but I think Harry Potter World is just incredible and definitely worth going to see! The frozen butterbeer has also stolen my heart and I crave it daily.

There are probably a million other things I could list, but this is what we did all week! We definitely had a productive week and started the program off on a great note! Definitely do not stay at the apartment that week (or ever in my opinion but I’m a bit crazy), go out and explore. The time has flown by so quickly and I cannot believe I am already a month in. Until next time, keep following along this blog and my vlogs!

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