7 Tips for Doing Walt Disney World with a Baby

by Carson and Renee Durand

Tip #1: Relax and enjoy!

Don’t let the naysayers get you down! There is no such thing as too young for Disney World, and that’s by design.

Disney knows that in order to attract families, they need to be able to accommodate the youngest members. They do, and they do it well. In my opinion, Disney World and its resorts are among the most baby-friendly resorts out there.

Tip #2 Bring your own stroller

Image: Carson and Renee Durand.

Making sure your baby is comfortable is the key to making sure you are comfortable. We recommend bringing your own stroller, rather than renting.

Your baby will be more comfortable, and more likely to take naps while you are out and about. Plus, strollers fly free on airlines, so you will save money vs. renting one upon your arrival. And, with Magical Express luggage tickets, it will magically arrive in your room for you! No lugging it through the airport will be necessary.

Tip # 3 Deck out your stroller

Bringing your own stroller also gives you a chance to accessorize. Set your baby up in comfort and style. Some key stroller accessories for Disney World: stroller fans, sun shade, rain cover, snack tray, cup holder, parent organizer.

Accessorizing your stroller can also be helpful when trying to find your stroller. Have you ever left a large show like Fantasmic! only to find yourself wandering around stroller parking in a sea of similar-looking vehicles. Adding a bit of personal style can help your stroller stand out from the rest.

Tip #4 Take the afternoon off

This is one of The Disney Outpost’s recommendations for toddlers, too! And, rightfully so. If you want to avoid meltdowns, don’t skip naps, and don’t over do it in the parks.

Instead, go back to your resort for an afternoon nap, and some pool time. A character meal at dinner rounds out the day. Babies are just as entertained by the theming at Disney resorts and meeting characters there as they are in the parks.

On a related noted, make sure to keep your little one cool. Orlando gets hot, and it’s easy for little ones to overheat. Make liberal use of misting fans, stroller fans, shade and cool air. And check on their temperature often. Get them out of the heat immediately if they appear overheated, flushed or lethargic.

Tip #5 Baby Care Centers

Image: Disney.

Walt Disney World provides Baby Care Centers in each of the four theme parks. In them you’ll find air conditioning, nursing areas, private bathrooms, kitchens including microwaves and sinks, and high chairs.

You can also purchase items like formula and diapers, but we recommend bringing what you need with you when you visit the parks. (Bringing your own will save you money and time vs. having to stock up while at Baby Care, however if you should forget anything it is nice to know that those products are readily available).

Tip #6 Ship what you need to your resort

We all know babies require a lot of extra gear. Diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, etc… Walt Disney World allows you to ship items to the resort up to 10 days in advance of your arrival, which in most cases will turn out to be much easier than packing everything into luggage for the plane or your car.

Instead of lugging it all down with you, ship it to your resort ahead of time. If you are an Amazon Prime member, it’s even free! Disney claims to charge $5 per package, but in our experience they have not begun doing so. (And even so, $5 per package may turn out to be less of a headache than bringing it down with you).

Tip #7 Use the Rider Switch Service

Did you know that you can get directly on certain rides without waiting in line, if someone in your party has already waited in line and ridden (while you watched the baby)?

With Disney’s Rider Switch Service, everyone in the party can go on the rides that do not accommodate babies, and no one has to be left behind. Simply let a cast member at the attraction know that you’ll have one member of your party waiting with a baby and you’ll need a rider switch.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning a Disney World vacation with your baby now! You and your baby will have a blast, and you’ll impress your friends with your bravery.

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Image: Carson and Renee Durand.

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