Epcot International Festival of the Arts Bucket List

I’ve only been to the Epcot International Festival of the Arts once, for just one day (and it essentially an ordinary trip to Epcot for me because it was such a short trip) so there is lots I’m looking forward to trying when I’m someday able to get down there for this festival!

Epcot’s festivals are always some of my favorite events at the Walt Disney World Resort and the Festival of the Arts is right up my alley.The arts community in general is so important to me, and I love that Disney has added this as one of the major seasonal events in the park. With no Festival of the Arts trip planned at least until next year (so I have all the time in the world to plan) and being the insane over-planner that I am I figured I’d make a quick bucket list (also I never made a bucket list for my Disney College Program like pretty much everyone else does because I thought it was silly at the time, but I’m on this whole ‘new year, new me’ thing so let’s give this a try!)

Disney on Broadway Concert Series

Credit: Disney

The concert series is always one of the things I tend to miss at any of Epcot’s festivals, sort of unintentionally- I just never happen to be there when it’s an artist I really care about seeing so it’s sometimes difficult to justify spending the time on this…though I did see Rick Springfield last time I was there for the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival and it was actually pretty cool. The Disney on Broadway Concert Series though has my name all over it. Depending on who is performing when I make it to the festival I’m considering getting the dining package to get in earlier to grab a seat…but then again if I’m by myself it’s probably not going to be an issue…or I’m just using this as an excuse to try the new brunch at Le Cellier or something, I don’t know…

Festival Workshop

If I could get to the festival this year I’d love to have taken the Animation 101: Flipbook Fundamentals workshop. It’s basically a class with a Disney animator to learn to create your own flipbook and it sounds pretty awesome. There are other workshops too in sketching, painting, and even ink and paint cels so if you’re planning a trip to the Festival of the Arts later in the season and any of those interest you I’d check them out and book right away because they’ll probably fill up. I almost always do a beverage seminar during Food & Wine Festival and I really do think it adds so much value to the event, so a workshop is definitely something that’s on my list!

PhotoPass Spots

I LOVE the special photo ops during the Epcot International Festival of the Arts. They’re probably some of my favorite photo ops anywhere in Disney to be totally honest (fingers crossed that the painting of Washington crossing the Delaware is back when I go!) Stopping for PhotoPass pictures on a solo trip is always a must-do for me anyway- it’s really the easiest way to get pictures of myself and I know there’s going to be some level of quality to them vs. handing my phone off to a stranger. I’d also add that if you’re interested in this photo ops you really should look into getting Memory Maker- it’s a little pricey ($170-200 depending on when you purchase it) but if you take enough photos with Disney photographers it’s really worth it for the convenience.

Paint by Number Mural

Credit: Disney

I think this is the coolest interactive artmaking opportunity ever (and I wish we could get something like this at our local art festivals at home). If you haven’t seen this mural, it’s basically a huge paint by number outline and each guest gets to paint a couple of squares. I really wanted to do this last time I went but I was so short on time and I just didn’t have a chance to make it back over there so it’s definitely a priority on my next trip. (It also makes me wish I could get back there by the end of the festival to see the finished product! Motivation to go plan another trip, I guess?)

Outdoor Kitchens

Of course, I’m not expecting anything like the outdoor kitchens at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, but Festival of the Arts has some pretty creative takes on classic dishes (and those adorable palette cookies) that I can’t wait to try! The Deconstructed Reuben is definitely on my list if that makes it back for next year, and while I don’t think I’ll repeat my whole “try every wine at the festival” thing I did at Food & Wine Festival this year I’m curious to see what some of the most artful beverage pairings are like too.


Merchandise at any Epcot festival means only one thing (to me anyway)…FIGMENT! I have no need for any additional spirit jerseys or MagicBands but you know as well as I do that I’m probably going to come home with an extra suitcase of Figment purchases thanks to the Festival of the Arts. (As an aside, why do we keep having Figment essentially acting as the mascot for all of these festivals and we can’t have a meet and greet or fix up his ride or anything???) Because this is the Festival of the Arts specifically, I’m also really hoping to pick up some piece of festival-exclusive art. There will be lots of visiting artists around the park and I’m sure at the Art of Disney store, so if there’s any right time to make some kind of splurge-worthy art purchase for my future office that doesn’t quite exist yet I’d say this is the trip!

Have you been to the Epcot International Festival of the Arts? Planning a trip for this year? Let me know what you love about this festival in the comments!

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