A Journey Through Star Wars Launch Bay

Have you ever dreamed of being in a Star Wars film? With Star Wars Launch Bay at Disney’s Hollywood Studios it feels like you’ve been transported to a “galaxy far, far away” and directly into a Star Wars film. (And this will only get better once Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens later this year!) If you haven’t visited Launch Bay before, or if you’re just missing ‘home,’ follow along this post as we explore one of our favorite attractions in Hollywood Studios.

When you enter Star Wars Launch Bay you will see the iconic opening words that scroll across the screen. However, instead of discussing the plot of a Star Wars film it welcomes you to a “new era” of Star Wars.This area can get crowded during the busiest parts of the day, so try to arrive early if you’re looking to grab a photo!

After you’re done checking out the intro (and crying a little as it fills you with joy) you can progress down the stairs to explore all that the Star Wars Launch Bay has to offer. Excitement fills you as you find out that they have characters from the rebel alliance and dark side.

Let’s meet Chewbacca first! You walk to the left of the stairs, (remember when Sorcerer Mickey used to meet here?) and wait in line with all the other Chewbacca fans to meet the beloved tall, powerful, and lovable Wookieewarrior. Once the character attendant informs you that it is your turn to meet Chewbacca you embark on a journey to an ancient temple that has been transformed into a hidden Rebel base. When you get inside the rebel base you finally see Chewbacca. You hug the gentle giant and then proceed to the dark side.

The right side of the stairs you came down will lead you to Kylo Ren! Once in line you look at props that were used in the Star Wars films. Soon you’ll be inside meeting Kylo Ren in the base of his ship. As you look at Kylo Ren he scares you a little and you quickly take a photograph before making your escape.

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You are still a little scared after meeting Kylo Ren so you quickly walk up the stairs out of the character area. Here you may come across Jawas! They’re not a scheduled meet and greet, but they’re often hanging around. After you pose for a quick photograph with the Jawas you go to the right to meet BB-8. You navigate your way through the corridors of a Resistance freighter and visit the security sector. Once there, you find the lovable droid closely observing the base’s surveillance cameras. To ensure you have proper Resistance documentation, your photo will be taken for clearance―and will also serve as a fun reminder of this fun encounter with BB-8!

Now you’re off to Launch Bay Cargo! At this store you take some time to admire all the amazing Star Wars merchandise. You are amazed by all the life-size sculptures, autographed memorabilia, movie prop replicas and print-on-demand phone cases.

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Once you are done exploring the gift shop, Launch Bay Cargo, you walk through the area where the Jawas are located. You walk through the opening titles once more and go to explore the room filled with movie props. In this room you becoming filled with excitement due to your love for Star Wars. This room is a Star Wars fan’s dream come true! There are so many exhibits filled with movie props. As you explore the galleries of movie props you are amazed by the costumes, models, concept artwork and props from the Star Wars films, and replicas of vehicles from the movies.

Once you are done exploring the Launch Bay you take time to embrace the fantastic journey that it took you on to “a galaxy far, far away,” and promptly begin planning your trip for the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

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