Which Disney College Program Season is Right for You? Spring Edition

In my last post Which Disney College Program Season is Right for You? Fall Edition, we discussed the benefits and drawbacks of the Fall and Fall Advantage College Program semester. I had so many exciting details to share with you all that I couldn’t fit them all in one post, so here is Part Two, where we discuss the pros and cons of the Spring Program. Here we gooooo!

Although the springtime does not have as many large events as the Fall, there are still a few things you can get on this program that may not be quite as flashy but that are just as beneficial. One cool event that does take place during this time is EPCOT’s Flower and Garden Festival. Similar to Food and Wine, Flower and Garden involves food, libations, and concerts, but there is an added bonus as well.

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Disney College Program spring
Image: Disney

Dozens of topiaries are created just for the festival, shaped like many popular Disney characters and placed in the areas of the park that correspond with their stories. The Flower and Garden Festival is something you don’t want to miss, and is a big reason why spring is a great time to be at Disney.

During the spring time at Walt Disney World, there is not nearly the craziness that erupts during the holidays. It does get quite busy from the middle of March to about the end of April, with people coming for their spring break vacations, but it’s more spread out than the little chunk of time between Christmas and New Year’s Day when everyone has the same vacation days off.

This was an aspect of the Spring program I really enjoyed, as I tend to get anxious and claustrophobic around large, loud groups of people. No matter what time of year you participate in a CP there will always be a few days that are busier than others, but overall I have found the Spring program to be less hectic. And once again, remember this does vary role to role and location to location.

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Disney College Program spring

The parks being relatively slow is very helpful for easing into your role at a not-so-stressful pace. When you do the Fall or Fall Advantage program, you’re starting your role at the end of the summer, which means there are still a lot of families getting in one final vacation before school starts, and the parks and resorts are still pretty packed. Starting at the middle to end of January means just about every location will be moving a lot slower, so you won’t be overwhelmed by learning the ins and outs of your role in addition to dealing with large crowds of Guests.

Along with the slower pace, the weather is also much nicer when starting in the spring. If you’re like me and you’ve spent your whole life in a place where it’s not hot and humid ten months out of the year, moving to Florida is a lot easier to handle in January. Although it may be warm, it won’t be nearly as sweltering as if you were beginning in June or August, which is when Fall and Fall Advantage participants come in.

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Disney College Program spring

Another awesome aspect of the Spring CP is the capstone party called Starlit Splash. Held at Typhoon Lagoon after dark (so CPs have the whole water park to themselves!), this blowout gives you the chance to ride some of the most popular attractions, enjoy a buffet, win prizes, and meet characters. I personally liked this event better than the formal, simply because there was more to do than just dance and eat. Starlit Splash is definitely a big selling point of the Spring CP.

All in all, everyone will have their own preferences as to which College Program semester will suit them better, but I hope this gave you an idea of the perks and disadvantages of both the Fall and Spring CPs.

Do you have a particular favorite CP semester? Tell us why in the comments below!

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