Mr. Kamal’s Kiosk Review

Epcot has traditionally been the place to ‘eat around the world’ but Disney’s Animal Kingdom is really giving World Showcase a run for its money in this respect. I always seem to fall into this pattern of eating at quick service and table service restaurants in Animal Kingdom, which is a habit I really need to break because there really are so many unique snack kiosks in this park.

One of these kiosks is Mr. Kamal’s. Located in Asia, Mr. Kamal’s offers a small menu of hummus with veggies and pita, falafel, and seasoned fries with tzatziki salad and siracha ketchup. We stopped by Mr. Kamal’s on a recent trip when we skipped breakfast and had a late dinner reservation, so we needed something smaller than a full meal just to hold us over. We ordered the falafel with tzatziki and found a table right across the walkway from the kiosk.

First things first, the falafel is a great value. For $4.99 this plate can work as a snack for one person or a shareable small plate for two. For us it was just the right amount of food to hit the spot, and if you assume the dish cost $2.50/person since we both had some we’d say this snack is well worth the price. This item comes with four pieces of falafel, which was fine for us, but if you wanted a little bit more food you could always add the hummus or seasoned fries and still snack for about $5/person.

The falafel themselves were more moist than the ones I’m used to in my hometown. I’m honestly no falafel expert here, so for all I know Mr. Kamal’s could the more authentic way to serve them. There was nothing wrong with the filling being this way, but if you’re like me and have never thought of a falafel as moist you may have a bit of a shock when you take the first bite. As for the flavor, they were well seasoned and delicious, and while the tzatziki was average at best it worked well given the spices featured on the falafel themselves.

Though I’m not vegetarian, I would also point out that everything on the menu at Mr. Kamal’s is, so if you’re looking for some non-meat snacks this kiosk can be the perfect place to stop. Given that there is a veggie plate with hummus for an item, I would hazard a guess that this can be a good stop for those with vegan diets as well, though again I’m no expert in this area so if you’re looking for something exclusively-vegan I would double check with a cast member before ordering.

All in all, we really enjoyed our falafel and would definitely pick up a snack from Mr. Kamal’s again when visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I actually can’t wait to go back to try the seasoned fries, we saw a few plates of them come out while we were waiting for our falafel and they looked delicious!

Have you tried Mr. Kamal’s? Let me know if it makes the cut for your favorite Animal Kingdom snacks!


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