7 Items for Every Walt Disney World College Program Bucket List

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Everyone who is accepted for the Disney College Program has a different idea of how they want to spend those precious few months at Walt Disney World. Some are hoping to work as much as they can in order to save money, while others want as much free time as possible to experience anything they can. No matter what style you choose, here are a few universally fun DCP bucket list items everyone should try to complete!

The Kitchen Sink

 This is one to-do that is on just about every DCP bucket list you will ever find on the Internet. The infamous Kitchen Sink is a monstrous dessert served at Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at the Beach Club Resort. It encompasses several scoops of a variety of ice cream flavors, chunks of cookies, brownies, and cake, pieces of fruit and candy, a dozen maraschino cherries, and a whole can of whipped cream. And for all you chocoholics, there’s even a Chocolate Lover’s version! Many CPs will bring a group of roommates or coworkers to devour the massive treat with them, so it’s a great bonding experience forging your way through the mountain of yumminess. Just make sure you don’t eat it too fast!

Drinking Around the World


This one can only be done depending on whether you’re legally able to drink in the US or not! If you are of age, taking a trip to the 11 different pavilions in World Showcase at EPCOT to have a drink is a great time! In order to make it more cost- and health-effective, go with a group of friends and split drinks, with everyone taking a turn to pay. That way, you’re not totally hurting your wallet or your liver! If you are under 21, have no fear—you can still enjoy some awesome flavors from a variety of countries! At Club Cool in Future World, you’re able to taste sodas from countries like Greece, Italy, and Japan, to name a few. And the best part? It’s absolutely free! If you go, you have to make sure you try the Beverly—it’s hands down the best one there!

Housing Events

One of the great bonuses about living in the College Program apartments is the wide variety of fun activities the Disney Internships & Programs Events Staff provides. There are so many different things to do, from Grocery Bingo (where you literally win bags of free groceries and toiletries for you apartment), to Disney movie nights, to rare character meet & greets, and so much more! They also take field trips to many different places around the Orlando area, like the beach, various theme parks, and more. Many of the events are either free or have a relatively low cost, and they’re a great way to get to know other CPs living in housing—plus, a lot of times there’s free food, and what broke college kid doesn’t love that?

24-Hour/4 Parks 1 Day Challenge

Image: Disney

 Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience multiple parks in the same day but haven’t had the opportunity to? This is your chance! With free admission and relatively few block-out dates, it’s quite easy to make a trek to one or two—or even all four! The 24-Hour/4 Parks 1 Day Challenge is a fun way to experience a variety things at once. There are many variations of it, and most CPs will customize it to their wants and needs. Some make it a goal to ride three attractions in at each park, others make it into a scavenger hunt and try to find, eat, and do things as quickly as they can before time runs out and the day is done. However you want to tackle it, it’s sure to be a crazy, fun time!

New Dining Experiences

There are dozens of different unique dining options throughout the Walt Disney World parks and resorts, and it’s almost impossible to make it to more than a couple on any given Disney vacation. As a CP, you will have the opportunity to try so many different restaurants, so take advantage of the amount of time (and discounts in a lot of places!) you have to taste some new things! From buffets to character dining to dinner shows and everything in between, there are different foods and drinks from all over the world, and something to satisfy everyone’s palate. Make it a goal to try a new restaurant at every park and resort!

Extra in Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

Image: Disney

One of the many different shows at Disney’s Hollywood Studios focuses on Indiana Jones and the various amazing tricks he and his fellow cast members had to perform while filming the franchise. This show has the opportunity for audience participation, and it’s a really fun experience if you are selected to be a part of it! The people who are chosen don a costume and immerse themselves in a marketplace scene, where they are directed to react to everything that is going on. If you haven’t seen the show prior to being selected, there are a few fun surprises in there for you too! It’s a great chance to flex your improv and pantomime muscles, and is a great memory to hold onto from your CP.

Make Magical Moments

No matter who you are or how you want to spend your CP, anyone who is coming to work for Disney obviously wants to be a part of the magic. One of the best things about being on the College Program is that time you spend getting to know Guests, hearing their stories and helping to make their vacations memorable. It’s such a wonderful feeling knowing you were able to make a family’s situation just a little more magical, even doing something as simple as getting them an extra FastPass or choosing their kids to help you with a task. Take the time to make magical moments, and it will not only have a lasting impact on them, but on you and your time at Disney as well.


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