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“Castle Party” is based on the (now closed) stage show from the Magic Kingdom called “Dream Along with Mickey.” The basic premise of the show was that guests were joining Mickey, Minnie, and a host of other characters including pirates, princesses, and villains for, well, a castle party. The show encompassed everything we love about visiting the Walt Disney World Resort, and it’s carefree vibe and message that your own determination and work towards your dreams can pay off inspired us to use the idea of a “castle party” for our blog title.

Castle Party underwent a major rebranding in 2017 that moved the blog from a Disney College Programexclusive blog to a more general Disney blog. In 2018, we made the decision to revamp the site once more by writing about new destinations and non-Disney topics. So Why Castle Party now? We believe everyone has a “castle” of their own in one way or another, be it your home where you feel most inspired to create your art, physical castles when you travel, or any other location that puts you in your ‘happy place’ the same way Cinderella Castle would.

What makes Castle Party different? We have a huge focus on Disney around here, but we’re not your average family Disney blog. Our audience is made up of millennials and young professionals who are not typically traveling with children, and while we commend Disney guests who do bring the whole family to the parks we feel there are already plenty of other Disney blogs focusing on family visits.


If you’re completely new to Disney travel, check out some of our posts about the Walt Disney World Resort. In this section, you’ll find everything you need to know about planning a Disney vacation without having to sort through info about things like childcare and stroller parking:

More interested in Disney style? Catch up on everything from DisneyBounding to what to wear in the parks and where to shop in our fashion section:

Looking for something else? Jump right into our most popular posts here! We’re working on sharing posts on different travel destinations outside of Disney, and we’ve already started writing new posts about fashionself care, and other lifestyle topics. You can always follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date with our latest posts!


With Castle Party, we’re hoping to create a community for all of those Disney fans strive to live their most magical lives both in and outside of the theme parks.

We hope you join us on social media by using #castlepartylife and by joining the discussion on our Facebook page. Want to be more involved? You can learn more about our current staff of writers here, or about writing for us yourself here, or you can always get in touch via email here.

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