7 Songs to Add to Your Work Day Playlist

I have a love/hate relationship while listening to music while I work. On the one hand, if the music is too dull it has the potential to put me to sleep, but on the other hand if it’s too catchy I may find myself more focused on the music than my work. Since giving in to Spotify’s $9.99/month paid plans, I’ve been on the lookout for tunes that will allow me to remain calm and focused while working on different projects. These songs not only help me get through long hauls of work, but they don’t overpower whatever other things I’m trying to accomplish:

Dream On by Amy Macdonald


If you haven’t listened to Amy Macdonald before you’re definitely missing out. Her music is a bit of a mixture between, pop, rock, and folk, but even if those genres aren’t your usually musical tastes it’s the perfect “focus” music. This song is upbeat with empowering lyrics like “Never gonna cast my anchor out/ I’m a free spirit, torn in a way/ I can’t stay here for too long/ I got to keep on moving on…” It’s perfect blend of rhythm and motivation to get you through a tough leg or work or studying!

Hurt Like Hell by The Heydaze



Though this song and much of the band’s music is mellow compared to Amy Macdonald’s tracks, I tend to get the same sort of outcome from listening to them while working. It’s enough background noise to keep me focused, and it’s enjoyable to listen to without overwhelming whatever I’m working on.

Meaning of Life by Bergs 6AM


More pop than Heydaze, but not as edgy as Amy Macdonald, this track is a nice middle ground to throw into a focus playlist. One thing I definitely look for when compiling background music for work is a solid balance of variety. If most of the songs have a lot going on it’s easy to be distracted, but if they’re too mellow it’s easy to get too comfortable and lose focus that way. Songs like this that strike a balance can be so helpful in that respect.

Love by Lana Del Ray



Speaking of balance, most anything produced by Lana Del Ray can really add to a work playlist in my opinion. Her songs tend to take on a more subtle feel, which means they may not work that well for focus music on their own, but as part of a larger playlist they help break up the mood.

Someone New by Hozier


I don’t know what exactly it is about Hozier, but I LOVE his music. Somehow it manages to be perfect for any occasion, from belting it out in the car or the shower to sitting down at my desk to work this song (and most of his others) just work.

Trumpets by Jason Derulo


Again, it’s all about balance when I’m listening to music at work. An entire Jason Derulo album may get out of hand but certain songs sprinkled in here and there can help keep me focused. I like this track because it’s the kind of song I can enjoy listening to and sing to myself while working without being distracted.

Body like a Back Road by Sam Hunt


Sam Hunt is one of my favorite artists right now. I’m loving how he can weave seamlessly between the country and pop genres while still putting out some really great music. Like Trumpets, Body like a Back Roadis a nice laid back song that’s easy to get into without losing track of what you’re doing.

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