Disney College Program Quick Service Food & Beverage Role Interview with Kathrine Sullivan, Pinocchio Village Haus ’16

by Brittany DiCologero and Kathrine Sullivan

This Disney College Program role interview features Kathrine Sullivan who worked in quick service food and beverage during the Fall 2016 program. Kathrine attends University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, where she is majoring in therapeutic rec with a child life emphasis and a psychology minor.

Q: What made you want to do the Disney College Program?
A: I wanted to do the Disney College Program because I always had such a strong love for Disney and thought it was such a great opportunity to meet new people, travel, and learn new things.

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Image: Kathrine Sullivan

Q: What was your role and location? Was it your first choice? If not, what was?
A: My role was quick service food and beverage and I was located at Pinocchio Village Haus. It was not my first choice, in fact it was way down on my list of choices (close to the bottom). My top choices were between character attendant and Bibbity Bobitty Boutique.

Q: What was your training like?
A: Training was intense. It was long and a lot of information was thrown at me. I was nervous and scared but also excited. It was my first look into who I would be working with and my experience at my work location and at first I was pretty terrified.

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Image: Kathrine Sullivan

Q: What did you like most about your role?
A: The thing I liked most about my role was the fast pace. I never felt like I was wasting time or counting hours because I was constantly doing something. You are truly a team in quick service and really have to work together so it was nice to interact with others and work at a fast pace.

Q: What did you like least?
A: The thing I liked least was the way I was treated as a cast member. The guests can be really rude and tend to look down at you because you are simply “working in a restaurant” and are “ruining their vacation.” It can be hard and tiring to deal with the guests but that’s not to say every guest is like that.

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Image: Kathrine Sullivan

Q: Would you recommend this role to a friend?
A: Even with all of the down falls and stigma with quick service I would definitely recommend this role to a friend. I really got to know my coworkers and they became some of my best friends. There was lots of different components to working at PVH that you had your favorite and least favorite jobs. Everyday was different. My role may not have been the most glamorous but I had a huge opportunity to get to know my coworkers each and every day and work right along side with them.

Q: What advice would you give to new CPs in this role?
A: My biggest advice for a new cp going into QSFB is to not let the actual job discourage you. You’re at Disney World and are part of the team. QSFB allows for a lot of magical moments to be made. Reach out to your coworkers because you will work closely with them everyday and if you’re lucky enough they may become part of your Disney family and become some of your best friends. I still talk to my coworkers everyday.

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Image: Kathrine Sullivan

Q: What have you been up to since your program ended?
A: Since my program ended I have been the director for a club on campus and a chair for an organization in my sorority. I volunteer at the hospital every week and do service projects during the weekends. I also work at an elementary school doing before and after school care. Also working toward my CNA. I’m working really hard toward my career goals and like to do a lot of service work.

I learned a lot about myself and hard work while in Florida and am putting it to good use here back at school. I talk to my DCP Ohana every day and I went to visit them all over spring break. Next trip is to Disney land in California with them all. Planning trip after trip to see them and hoping to hit everyone’s hometown at some point.

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Image: Kathrine Sullivan

Follow Kathrine at:
Twitter: @kat_sullivan_
Instagram:ย kathrinesullivan
Facebook: Kathrine Frances Sullivan

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