Gasparilla Island Grill Review

Gasparilla Island Grill is the quick service location at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. Where I would generally say that deluxe resorts are lacking in the quick service category, Gasparilla’s in on par with a lower-priced table service restaurant in terms of ambiance and quality. This location is also open 24 hours, something that is increasingly difficult to come by at Walt Disney World with the exception of room service at certain resorts.

Where the rest of the Grand Floridian is very set in the Victorian period, the interior of Gasparilla’s is undoubtedly modern, and bright, giving it some distinction from the rest of the resort. Although it is a quick service location, it is (as expected) much nicer than similar restaurants at other places around Walt Disney World, and servers bring the food to your table rather than the typical food court setting or pager system found at other resorts.


In terms of food, Gasparilla’s includes a number of favorites like the Grand Gaspy Burger (1/3 lb. angus burger, Tillamook cheddar, pulled pork, barbecue mayonnaise, and onion frits with cucumber salad). Chaz debated on the Grand Gaspy Burger, which if you know him really is right up his alley, but he ultimately decided to go with the Chicken Cordon Blue Sandwich.

Natalie however, did decide to go with the Grand Gaspy Burger, which she knew was delicious as she used to get it on occasion during our college program when she worked at the Grand Floridian.


Chaz’s Chicken Cordon Blue was essentially a more interesting version of the usual quick service chicken sandwiches found all over Walt Disney World. He really enjoyed it and would get it again, which is not surprising as he loves Chicken Cordon Blue, and he loves sandwiches…


What really stood out with Chaz’s dish was the house made chips, which Natalie and I passed up in favor of fries instead. Next time I go to Gasparilla’s I would definitely get the chips over the fries. I forgot how good homemade potato chips could be, and where the fries as the same ones you’d see anywhere else in Walt Disney World I would not rush to get them here.


During our most recent visit, I ordered the pepperoni pizza, which is more of a flatbread, and is actually the only thing I’ve ever ordered from Gasparilla’s. A welcoming change from the thick-crusted (and sometimes overly saucy) circle pizzas you’ll occasionally see in the parks, the pizza at Gasparilla’s is more of a flatbread style similar to those served at Pinocchio Village Haus. While I *might* stray away from my usual and try something different next time, I do really love the pizza here, which to me makes it a great quick service place to stop at outside of o the parks.


Though we haven’t had anything from the grab and go section recently, Gasparilla’s (like many deluxe resort quick service restaurants) also has a large and high quality selection of these items. In the past, we have had salad, sandwiches, and even sushi made fresh in Epcot’s Japan pavilion, all of which we felt were excellent options for dining on the go at the resort.

We honestly did try to find something at least a little bit negative about it just to balance this review out, but we ultimately think Gasparilla’s hits all the marks. Prices and portion sizes are on par with other quick service restaurants, and the location and set up of the restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating is a nice touch for a resort quick service. The food is also delicious, and there are plenty of resort-specific options even in a style of food that is usually generic across property. And on top of all that, Gasparilla’s is open 24/7.

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