Disney College Program Quick Service Role Interview with Sara Lopes, Captain Cook’s ’13

by Brittany DiCologero and Sara Lopes

In this CP Q&A, I interviewed Sara Lopes, a fellow Earning Your Ears author and a CP alumna who worked quick service food and beverage at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort in the spring 2013 program. Sara attended a community college prior to her college program, and will be graduating from California State University with a degree in business/marketing.

Q: What made you want to do the Disney College Program?
A: I’ve always been a Disney fan, but the college program was a way I could really become a part of the magic and provide an experience I couldn’t really have anywhere else. It was a great chance to go out live on my own, get my foot in the door for the company I wanted to work for, and meet amazing people along the way.


Q: What was your role and location? Was it your first choice? If not, what was?
A: I was Quick Service Food and Beverage at Captain Cook’s in the Polynesian Resort. I was also deployed to the Grand Floridian and Art of Animation for a week each. It wasn’t my first choice, I originally wanted Merchandise or Attractions.

Q: What was your training like?
A: I had around five days of training, one for stocking, behind the counter, bussing, and two for learning the registers.


Q: What were the best parts of your role?
A: I loved the efficiency of working behind the counter, as well as my coworkers. They were a lot of fun to work with. Talking to guests and learning about their day was also a highlight to the experience.

Q: The worst?
A: It’s food…it wasn’t my first pick, and honestly still isn’t. It’s nothing glamorous and it’s hard work. I also burned myself plenty of times and came home smelling like fries.


Q: Would you recommend this role to a friend?
A: I would only recommend this if they have some interest in the food industry, and enjoy working in a fast pace environment.

Q: What advice would you have for new CPs in this role?
A: Be prepared to work hard. Depending on your location, rush hours for the three main meals of the day can be rather intense for demand and hungry people can be cranky. But if you take the time to make the guests’ experience worthwhile and learn to have fun with your coworkers, it can be a really memorable learning experience.


Q: What have you been up to since your program ended?
A: I moved to Southern California, got a part time job with Disneyland in attractions in California Adventure, where I’ve worked at Monsters Inc., Soarin Over California, and Tower of Terror, and I’ve published an “Earning Your Ears” book just like Brittany!

Want to keep up with Sara? You can find her at:

@thedisneyden on Twitter and Facebook
@saraklopes on Instagram

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