Why You Should Do the Disney College Program


When you have Disney on your resume, regardless of your specific role, you’ll stand out among other candidates for jobs. My experience working for Disney is something that is always asked about when I apply for jobs and have interviews. As such a well-respected company, employers are often impressed when they see that I’ve completed two internships with Disney.


In addition to the valuable resume experience, the Disney College Program is full of real life experience as well. Even in a front line role, the program gives participants real life skills they learn on the job. Working at the Walt Disney World Resort is the best preparation a student could ask for in allowing them to break out of their shells and engage guests.


Company Sponsored Housing

I know, I know… a lot of CPs (college program interns) complain about the apartment complexes. In my opinion, the apartments offered through the program are more than adequate. One of the reasons why I chose the Disney College Program as opposed to other internships (that were more closely related to my field) was that housing was provided. Yes, the rental cost would come out of your paycheck, but having housing be offered by the company took the stress out of having to find and pay for temporary housing on my own.


The complexes might not be comparable to the Ritz, but they’re steps above any dorm I’ve ever seen, and they come with pools, gyms, bus transportation, all utilities included, housing events, and around the clock security. Considering I was also looking into UNPAID internships that did not offer housing, I would say that the housing offered by the Disney College Program was a huge help in allowing me to do this program.

Professional Networking & Training

Whether or not you plan on staying with the Walt Disney Company, the program itself offers a number of professional development programs that are sure to help in your future career. Programs offered throughout the program help CPs refine their skills in areas like networking, resume writing, and interviewing.


If you are looking to stay with Disney after your program, you would also have plenty of networking opportunities within the company. Even without thinking about it, you’ll find yourself meeting other people from all over the property that might turn out to be helpful in your professional life when your program is over.



Of course, the Disney College Program would be the time of your life! When I hear others say that their high school or college years were the best years of their life, I can’t agree– because the best time of my life was during the Disney College Program. There is something so special about completing the program that is difficult to explain to someone who has never experienced it for oneself.


Going to the parks whenever you’re free with your friends, making magic for guests, and meeting so many incredible people from all over the world are just a few pieces of what makes this program such an amazing experience.

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