5 Places to Find Disney Fashion Outside the Parks

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m always on the lookout for Disney clothes, especially pieces I can wear outside of the parks. I’ve accumulated a number of items that are ‘nice enough’ for me to wear to work, and there are so many retailers that have been designing more and more subtle Disney clothes that make added a little magic to your day-to-day look super easy.ย If you can’t get to the parks, or you’re looking for something a little different (or for a more reasonable budget!) this post is for you! Here are 5 places I love to find Disney styles outside the parks:

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Shop Disney Parks App

Disney Fashion
Orange Bird Dress, Shop Disney Parks, $128.

For official Disney parks merchandise outside the theme parks, the Shop Disney App is the way to go. With a few exceptions for items that are in-park only, you can order most anything (except food) on the app and have it delivered home. The app even has sales occasionally (which you’ll almost never find in the parks) and new items are added all the time.

I was stoked to see items from the Dress Shop on Cherry Tree Lane on the app, because I’ve tried on some of the dresses while shopping in person but have not purchased any. And now that I know which size to get I can order whichever ones I like right from the app.

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Her Universe

Star Wars C-3PO Satin Souvenir Jacket, Her Universe, $79.90.

You can find Her Universe products at almost all of the sites/shops on this list, but for the biggest variety of products (and sometimes the best deals) you’re best bet is to go right to the source. HerUniverse.com is my go-to shop for girly Star Wars clothing. From retro skirts to must-have DisneyBound pieces, Her Universe is hands down one of my favorite shops to order from.

This satin C-3PO jacket is one of my favorite pieces of clothing I own. It’s hard enough to find C-3PO merchandise as it is sometimes, nevermind clothing designed by women for women. It’s also soft and comfy and perfect for nearly every season (except these horrible New England winters, but really nothing can help that!)

Hot Topic

Disney Fashion
Dress by Hot Topic (no longer available, similar styles here and here).

You can find cheap Disney clothing from stores like Wal-Mart and Primark, but in these cases you usually get what you pay for. If you’re looking for decent quality Disney merch for a much more reasonable price than you’d find in the park I would go with Hot Topic instead. Some items can be pricey if you pay full price, but there are usually sales going on, particularly if you check the Disney section of their website.

I have a rotating closet of Disney dresses that I love to wear to the parks (and even sometimes to work if I can dress them up enough), and almost all of them are from Hot Topic. If you can hit the sales right here they have lots of affordable Disney options that you really won’t find anywhere else.


Disney Fashion
Disney Pixar Cars Black Knit Sweater, $54.90, Torrid

Torrid and Hot Topic are the same company, so in some cases if one store is selling a certain Disney piece you should be able to find it in the other store as well. Torrid however is a plus size retailer so all of their clothing starts at a size 10, meaning that if you are at least a size 10 it’s pretty easy to double dip between the two brands (and I usually do especially when the same items are sold at both because the prices are not always consistent).

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Since they do occasionally have different items, it still doesn’t hurt to check Torrid if you’re not plus sized because they do stock a range of Disney accessories that you can’t always find at Hot Topic. One way I keep track of new Disney merch at the two retailers is with Torrid’s Fangirl social media accounts. These pages focus exclusively on ‘fangirl’ merchandise (think Disney, Star Wars, Doctor Who, etc), and if I can’t find the right size at Torrid there is a good chance I can find the same item or something similar at Hot Topic instead. (As a side note– last year Torrid expanded their sizes down to a size 10 and up to a size 30, so I’m optimistic that one day they’ll be entirely size-inclusive but we’ll just have to wait and see!)



Ears by OddsnEars, dress by Fashion to Figure (no longer available, similar ones available from Targetย here and here).

The possibilities are really endless on Etsy, and this is primarily where I shop for tanks and t-shirts to wear in the theme parks along with accessories like Minnie ear headbands. There are so many individual Etsy shops that focus on Disney, but I’ve narrowed down some of my favorites in my Best of Etsy post here.

You really can find whatever you’re looking for on Etsy, and if you can’t there is always a possibility that the shop you’re looking at can custom make an item for you since the majority of items on Etsy are handmade. I do usually use Etsy more for ears and accessories, and items I would typically use while visiting the parks, but there are definitely lots of options for cute clothing pieces as well that you can wear all the time.

Do you have any favorite shops to stock up on Disney merch outside of the parks? Let me know where else I should try shopping and what your favorites are in the comments!

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